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A5 Wagyu

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USDA Prime

NY Strip (Short Loin) | A5 Wagyu Kagoshima


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Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) | American Wagyu


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Picanha (Coulotte) | USDA Prime


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Price Per Pound: $99.69

Price Per Pound: $53.72

Price Per Pound: $9.70

Beef Marbling Score (BMS): 8-12

Beef Marbling Score (BMS): 6-8

Beef Marbling Score (BMS): 4-5

Cut Origin: Short Loin

Cut Origin: Tenderloin

Cut Origin: Rump Fat Cap

depiction of marbling (bms 12)

depiction of marbling (bms 7)

depiction of marbling (bms 5)